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Helping You With Many Facets Of Your Divorce

As an attorney experienced with a broad spectrum of family law matters, Rebecca provides many services to her clients including:

Negotiation – Professional facilitation for expressing your points of view, legal needs and goals. An attorney’s insight keeps the focus on current laws, rather than emotional turmoil, and can assist with keeping conflicts out of the courtroom.

Mediation – Mediation allows disputing parties to take control of their settlement process. A neutral mediator does not provide legal advice, but provides the guidance so each party can make informed decisions in coming to a lasting agreement.

Collaborative Divorce – Spouses enter into collaborative divorce by first signing an agreement that they will make a good faith attempt to resolve their disputes without court intervention and without their attorneys serving as litigation counsel. If successful, the parties will document their settlement terms in a marital contract or in a consent order entered by the court.

Absolute Divorce – In North Carolina, if you have been living separately from your spouse with an intention of permanent separation for at least one year and a day, you may file for absolute divorce. One spouse must have lived in the state for at least six months prior to filing for absolute divorce.

Drafting – Rebecca provides meticulous drafting of settlement agreements agreed upon by the parties. She also drafts Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs) and other important legal documents associated with the divorce process.

Parent Coordination – Rebecca serves as a Parenting Coordinator in high conflict custody cases where her role is to assist parents with custody issues that arise after a custody order has been entered by the court. Rebecca helps parents diffuse child-related conflict in a timely manner and avoid a trip to court when it can be avoided.

Take The Time To Schedule A Meeting With Rebecca

No divorce is the same and you deserve an attorney that will focus on the unique factors of your case and family. To learn more about how Rebecca can assist you with your legal issues, complete the online contact form or call her office at 919-263-2380 to schedule a consultation.