A Board Certified Family Law Specialist Who Focuses On Problem-Solving

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The Benefits Of Working With A Board Certified Specialist

When facing a family law issue, you have many potential solutions to your problem. It takes someone with both experience and focus to hone in on the option that best aligns with your goals.

At Poole Family Law, principal and founder Rebecca Poole is a creative problem solver who works collaboratively to preserve your family relationships whenever prudent and possible. Rebecca is committed to providing excellent guidance to you. She has taken the extra steps to delve deeper into family law issues. In addition to being a North Carolina Board Certified Specialist in Family Law, she is also a Certified Parenting Coordinator and was selected for inclusion as a “Rising Star” in family law by the publication “North Carolina Super Lawyers” in 2020 and 2021.

What A Board-Certified Specialist Must Complete

When you have a specific health issue you visit a medical specialist. It is a similar process with law. When you have a legal issue that is specific to family law, you seek out a legal professional that is committed to high-quality legal advocacy in the family law field.

Board certification in North Carolina family law requires that an attorney have significant involvement with family law matters. The attorney must have at least five (5) years of practice in the area of family year that equates to at least 400 hours per year. Additionally, to become board certified an attorney must:

  • Pass a peer review process
  • Provide a list of 10 licensed and in good standing lawyers or judges who will vouch for the applicant
  • Pass a six-hour long exam that includes short answers and essay questions
  • Have completed at least forty-five (45) hours of continuing legal education credits in family law

Board certification takes years of knowledge, commitment, and skill. It is an important way to distinguish attorneys who are passionate about an area of law, enthusiastic to provide the best service possible for their clients, and are well equipped to do so. Each of those qualities describe Rebecca and the way she represents her clients.

Learn How A Board Certified Specialist Can Help You

When the time is right for you, schedule a consultation to discuss your situation and get answers to your specific questions. Rebecca will listen to you and provide legally sound advice on what your next steps should be. Reach out to Rebecca via the online contact form or call 919-263-2380 to schedule a consultation. Located in Apex, Rebecca serves family law clients in Wake, Durham, Orange, and Chatham counties.